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Read 5 Popular Articles on Fall Fashion Jewelry Trends

4 November, 2008 (14:20) | Insights | By: Trader Lou

What do you like this fall? What’s your favorite outfit this time of year? Post a comment below about this article.

1. Co-ordinate Jewelry With Fall 2008 Colors
How to Choose Jewelry for Warm Pumpkin and Green Colored Garments
by Maire Loughran

Warm and muted bright colors are popular garment colors for Fall 2008. Find out what jewelry looks will coordinate.

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2. Top 5 Jewelry Trends For Fall 2008
By Kathryn Money

Jewelry trends for this fall seem a bit incongruous – in the face of an uncertain economy, consumers and jewelers are finding ways to scale back spending and costs. But consumers are also being drawn to attention-getting bold statement pieces and unique diamonds that scream luxury. But no matter what the spending level, everyone seems to be getting a conscience – trying to ensure that their jewelry is just as eco-friendly as their cars.

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3. Fashion Jewelry Trends For Fall-Winter 2008 – Mix it Up For Best Results
By Lisa M. Robbin Young

As the colors of the leaves chance, so to does the fall jewelry forecast. This fall there are a myriad of trends and accessory options for local “fashionistas” to add to their outfits. Whether bold colors or simple sophistication, there’s something for every role and every look.

Read the complete Article—Mix-it-Up-For-Best-Results&id=1576759

4. How to Make Jewelry to Match a Fall Wardrobe
By Ariana Cherry-Shearer

Having jewelry to match your wardrobe is a perfect addition to any outfit. It’s especially fun to mix and match throughout the changing seasons. Buy creating your own personal jewelry, you can have unique accessories that are unlike other ones that you may see in stores of other people wearings. By creating pieces that match your wardrobe, you can be sure to always have a matching accessory without having to buy it.

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5. Fall 2008 Fashion Jewelry Forecast – Deep and Warm is the Trend
By Lisa M. Robbin Young

Here are 5 of the hottest trend ideas (complete with coloring advice), straight from the leading edge of fashion jewelry:

Read the complete Article—Deep-and-Warm-is-the-Trend&id=1298325

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